Friday, April 14, 2006

Hyperion outsmarts Google and other funny stories

A couple of funny things I noticed in the last day, and I should warn you that they are a tad risque, so if you're one of those pansy New Englanders, feel free to skip to the next entry.

Chemists from Montreal (no, really) have been helping me try to target my ads so they get a better response rate. Google targets the ads too, but the just "read" the site for key words.

Best example: Hyperion-X. In fact, go over and take a look. It's okay. I'll wait.

Just cracked me up. My last post there was an analysis of what it might be like to sleep with various female chracters from Disney movies. It's a pretty good post, if I do say so myself.

Well, Google, in all of its wisdom, has stuck ads there promoting family vacations to Disney World!

Is that not fantastic?

Here's the other thing that about cracked me up. My stat counters tell me from what website people come from immediately before they hit one of mine. Occasionally I go there to see if there was some link to me or something, or if that site is worth reading. Anyway, one of the sites yesterday was (which I ADAMANTLY recommend you don't go to, especially if you're at work).

I only mention this becuase her "motto cracked me up so much I almost made it my Quote of the Day. Sadly, not even I am that brave.

Here it is (with strategically planned asterisks for plausible deniability):

I like sex. I like it in the pu**y, in the mouth, and in the a*s. If my ear canals were wide enough, I'd like it in the ear. Read here my adventures as a young woman of today with a sex drive of epic proportions and an exhibitionistic streak a mile wide.

You got to hand it to the girl (or maybe not, seeing what she might do with it): she knows what she likes.

I do need a new Quote of the Day, though. I know, I'll take one from Schrodinger about Winnie the Pooh.

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