Friday, December 21, 2007

Hyperion's 2007 Christmas Present to You

I promised you an incredibly wonderful present, and I'm going to deliver.

But first:
Mr. Skin put out it's annual "Best Nudes Scenes of the Year." Basically they look at mainstream movies (non-porn), and rate the nakedness of the stars. It's not curing cancer, but one could do much worse with one's life. Anyway, here is 2007's list. Such notables include Maris Tomei, Ashley Judd and Lucy Liu.

And, just in case you're interested, here is 2006's list.

Now, on to the present.

The innocuously named Celebrity Movie Archive has done yeoman's work. They have made it their mission to collect every available scene of female nudity in Cinema History. (It's not an exhaustive list, but they are getting there.)

Now, what they want you to do is join, pay a membership fee, and then have access to all of those movie clips. And if that's your desire, more power to you. (Hyperion does not have a credit card, and therefore the ability to join. If he did have one, he would probably join, but only to further his knowledge of a movie reviewer.)

Okay, so like me, you can't or won't join. That's cool. The Celebrity Movie Archive still allows you to see still pictures of those clips for free! Did you hear me in the back?


The site is broken down and cross-referenced by Actress and Movie. Also, the more high-profile actresses not only have nude scenes but sexy/scantily clad ones as well. (They let you know which is which, so you don't inadvertently waste your time looking at covered boobies.)

Take their "tour" and just type in the actress or movie. By the way, the site is totally safe for work. It takes several steps to actually get to any nekkedness, and you'll know when you're about to see the holiest of holies, so it's okay to just examine.

So, other than wonderful nakedness, why would you be interested? Here's where I think even chicks will like the Celebrity Movie Archive. Say you're sitting around at work and suddenly the question comes up: has Anne Hathaway ever been naked on film? (Answer: yes, in two movies, four clips total.)

Or, let's say it's late at night and HOLLOW MAN shows up on cable. Now, if you found out that Rhona Mitra is naked and Elisabeth Shue is in her underwear, aren't you more likely to keep checking back to the movie?

For me, one of the most fun things is finding out if so-called pristine stars have ever appeared naked. I have been surprised many times. For example:

Clean-cut Meg Ryan - Naked in 5 different movies!

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Naked in 2 movies

Reigning Oscar Champ Hellen Mirren - Naked in 7 movies!

Bea Arthur - Not naked ever, thank the Light

You can see how this gets addictive. Just now, writing this post, I searched every female member of Grey's Anatomy (4 naked movies between them). I have to stop.

Well, one more. I wonder if Marcia Cross (from Desperate Housewives) has ever been naked in a movie?



Merry Christmas, people

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