Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Behold the Power of Graitch

At the risk of understatement, Graitch is the greatest thing ever created. It could stop wars, make pretty girls go with ugly guys, and possibly bring back Mr. Hooper.

To make Graitch you take a package of grape jello and a package of peach. The ingredients are exactly the same, so there is no need to buy the name-brand. You boil the water, and add two cups of boiling water to the peach and grape packets. Stir with a whisk really thoroughly. Once it’s stirred in let it sit for a bit. Take some new ginger ale (cold is better), and pour it in. Or, you can do one and one half cups ginger ale and half cup cranberry juice or something. Anyway, stir in the ginger ale really well two, but quickly, as the bubbles won’t last forever.

Before you do all this you need to prepare your fruit. Mangoes are always a good go-to, but just don’t get too ripe, or it won’t work (at least 2 of them). You want a bit of bite and tang. In season nectarines rule, and blueberries in season are to die for. Whatever you do, do not use frozen fruit, as that doesn’t work at all. Before your foam dissipates, pour your jello in the final container, and put the fruit in, moving it around with the whisk so it’s easily distributed.

Then you wait. The label says four hours, but with all that fruit, it might take up to six. But it’s worth it. The Graitch has this fizz in your mouth, like you’re eating pop-rocks. Along with the tang of the fruit and the sweetness of the jello…to die for.

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Koz said...

Jello is the name brand