Monday, March 02, 2009

Bobby Jindal - Governor or Infomercial Guru?

I kinda like Governor Bobby Jindal (his "not ready for prime-time" rebuttal the other night notwithstanding).

However, just a few minutes ago I'm flipping around, and I see Bobby Jindal on C-SPAN. then, I flip again, a find an informercial I've never seen. (Because of Lentils, I cannot watch re-runs, so my favorite Infomercials are verboten.)

Anyway, I see this new infomercial, and suddenly I think, "Hey, is that Bobby Jindal on this infomercial?)

Flip back to C-SPAN, flip back to Infomercial. C-SPAN ......Informerical. ARE THEY THE SAME GUY?

These pictures don't quite tell the story, but I swear to you: on TV, Bobby Jindal and Real Estate Guru Dean Graziosi look VERY similar.

By the way, my extreme bitterness over Kevin Trudeau has taught me well, and I AM NOT endorsing Graziosi. I don't know anything about him, but a simple Google search tells you that, at the very least, many people disagree with his claim to be able to help people make money.

I'm only showing the pics because sitting here right now, flipping back and forth, the similarity is eerie.

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