Sunday, March 08, 2009

Emma Thompson to the rescue

You know, my friends, there was a time (and I call this time "1993) when I was in love with Emma Thompson. No longer does the flame of passion burn through my soul, but I am still quite fond of her.

This clip, from the Cesars (France's version of The Oscars), shows why. (You only need to watch about the first 1:45 or so.)

There is one more piece of information to this story but I will put that in the comments so as to not spoil the surprise.

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Hyperion said...

It turns out the whole thing was an act. The woman was "playing" a young clueless and (presumably) American starlet. So in effect, Emma actually ruined the bit.

But so what? I realize it's difficult to bring shame to the Cesar's, the most foul-mouthed award show since the....I don't have a joke here. (I was working something about the Tonys and Tony Soprano, but it didn't come together.)

The point is, the girl should not have done that. The BIGGER point: in a room full of slack-jawed gawkers, Emma Thompson rushed in and tried to help the situation. Why?