Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Hot Girl Quiz

So, something just came up, and I was wondering if I could get some advice from the Hyperion Nation. I started talking to this new reader online, and as is popular, she has her picture displayed. And, well, she's extraordinarily good looking (standing there with a tennis racquet like she's going to do some spanking).

The picture is so good, I'm starting to worry that maybe it's not her. After all, normal women don't look that good. So, what I need, is, some trick questions to ask to make sure her hotness is as claimed. Who knows what a good question would be that only hot girls would answer a certain way?

[Is this one of Hyperion's Readers? And if so, how can he meet her?]


Anonymous said...

Those, my friend, are rediculously nice breasts, though they seem expanded with photoshop to me. Odd t-shirt choice as well. Also, and most importantly, she seems very sad in the eyes. But regardless, I agree with you, she is very attractive.

But that is niether here nor there.

There are women who are that hot, it certainly is not out of the normal distrubtion of physical attractiveness, so are you sure that was the reason why your were surprized?

That's another tangent though, I am making poor progress I fear.

So, the real question, what question can you ask? None. Anyone who wants to lie to you can. But what you can do is make a decsion. You can be afraid that you are being lied to and take the nessecary action to prevent your being mislead. Or, you can assume that the young lady is being honest and take the risk of being decieved. So I guess you just have to ask yourself, which world do you want to live in?

Appearance or no, there is a person you are communicating with.

Anyway, I feel as though I am getting close to waxing philosophical and, as such, am beginning to annoy myself. I hope you are happy with the decsion you make, or, get some better advice.

Oh, for what its worth, I would take the second choice. What, afterall, do you have to lose?

Anonymous said...

Nice, whats the URL of her blog?

Anonymous said...

To suppose that such questions exist and that they would be successful is to suppose that the female mind is capable of being understood. GOOD LUCK!

Hyperion said...

I've been looking at her legs (in an analytical way), and they are so perfect looking, I have to wonder, is it pantyhose? Could those legs be real, with the sheen and all? I need a girl to answer this, as guys have no clue about such matters.

Anonymous said...

What's that saying about keeping your mouth shut and not revealing that you are a fool? Well, I guess I'm about to reveal my ignorance as a guy, but I don't think she's wearing hose. I think that's just years of moisterizing cream, tanning beds, and a smooth shave that morning.

Anonymous said...

Bear, I would agree with you. A freshly shaved/waxed and lotioned leg produces a nice sheen. The flash from the camera also helps accentuate the sheen.

No great mystery there Mr. Hyperion. You could always make it an interview question when she comes to apply for a job at the Hyperion Institute.

Hyperion: [clears throat] 'Well Ms. X, your qualifications for the position are excellent. I think you will become a valued member of the Hyperion Institute staff. I have just one more question. How do you keep those luscious gams so shiny?’