Saturday, July 02, 2005

Help a brother out - REDUX

Thanks to all those people who helped (or tried to) on Speed Metal.

I went to all that trouble, only to find out it's Power Metal, not speed metal, that I'm supposed to be loving.

So, one more time, help a brother out?

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Xrayeagle said...

Techincally Power Metal is a reaction to death metal and black metal. It was mostly a European thing. It's sorta like a retro metal. Metal at the time had lost a lot of melody so Power Metal acts wanted to get back to the roots of metal that they grew up with. As such, you get a lot of bands trying to sound like Iron Maiden. Some Power Metal bands are: Gamma Ray, Iced Earth and Hammerfall. Since its music, sometimes Panterra gets included as well, and they are the most recognizable name. Honestly though, the music is sorta shite. Are you sure you wanna learn about it?