Thursday, July 21, 2005

Clean up

1. More on that reader and whether or not she was as hot as she claimed:

First of all, that picture wasn't hers. That was, however, ANOTHER reader, or at least someone who claimed to be a reader. Not sure if I believe her, but if I do, I think she should come here in person and join the Hyperion Institute staff as, uh, well, we'll figure that out when she gets here.
As for the original woman I wrote about (I'll call her Tennis Racquet Lady), she now claims to be a grandmother when her picture ages her at most around 26. So now I'm left with possibly another lie, since there is no way the girl is a grandmother, although why--and I ask this sincerely--would a woman lie about this? Don't chicks usually say they are younger (unless of course they are 13, which means they claim to be 22, but Hyperion's not falling for that again).
My original query still remains: I need good questions to figure out when/if girls are lying. Actually the "if" is merely courtesy. I think we all--and I'm including Gloria Steinem--can agree that all women lie. The only question is when. Anyone got any ideas?

2. On a related matter, it would appear that "M" got his/her facts a bit confused in the comments. That's okay, since M is by far the most original commenter on the site, and someone I look forward to reading. I wish I knew who he/she was, but I'm content to just be impressed by what I read. However, without trying to start a war, I am curious as to whether the Readers think M is a man or woman. So, if you've nothing else to do but read this site and the commments, scroll through them and read whenever M opines. Then give your opinion as to the gender of M. (And try to keep it clean: Domie, I'm looking in your direction.)


Domie said...

Dove - Cheer - Palmolive - Lysol - Clorox

That clean enough for you?

Anonymous said...

Ok, here's the deal. Some of us are proud of our age, so why hide it? Yes, I'm plenty old enough to be a Grandmother. But, I would never describe myself as 'hot'. I'm much too cool for that. I believe that was Hyperion's word. heh

Anonymous said...

The problem seems to be that you question what need not be questioned. Trust is the key. First trust yourself. Most of us wouldnt harm ourselves so gut instinct should prevail. Secondly, unless you seek to populate the world with this person, what difference does the age make. Thirdly, without the bad experiences, how could you recognize what is good? Hope this will help to add a little spice to your life. Smirk

D said...

I would say M is female..can't really explain why I think so..let's just say it's my women's intuition at work, and it's never let me down yet.