Thursday, July 07, 2005

Your Pain, your gain

So, a couple of weeks ago my sister comes home all sun-burnt. And I felt sorry for her because I've been burnt badly and it's simply awful.

Then I come to find out that she did it to herself; in one of those machines!

Now, I think tanning is one of the dumber things invented recently. However, there are safe ways to do it. My friend Aslan used to go once or twice a week for 6 months before heading to Mexico. That's how you're supposed to do it, very slowly, to minimize the chance of injury.

However, my sister, not content with a slow process, signed up for the "Mexican in a day" plan, and thus ended up looking like a lobster.

You should have heard her whining. When you bring the pain on yourself, I feel the rest of us have a duty to make fun of the person. As much as possible.

Then, a few days later, she comes home with her belly-button pierced. Again with the moaning and groaning. I don't care what she gets pierced (within reason), but I say again: when people bring the pain on themselves, they deserved to be mocked.

Note: this should also apply to girls who go out with guys they know are going to cheat on them, and the same with guys who trust girls they know are going to lie to them. Actually, that might be too big a category.

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Hyperion's sister said...

I was not THAT red!