Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Always follow the Money

A little while ago the International Olympic Committe anounced that the 2012 Olympic Games will go to London, and not the expected Paris.

All the CNN people expressed shock, but I could have told you about this two days ago. That's because the odds on Paris (the prohibitive favorite) went from 1:9 down to 4:11. That's a HUGE jump. The betting odds go which way the money goes, which means all the serious late money was coming in on London.

And let me tell you something: serious money (read: organized crime) doesn't screw up. That's why last September I knew Bush was a mortal lock two days before even though the pollsters were saying it was a dead heat. Why? Because 98% of the money was coming in on Bush.

Lesson: you ALWAYS follow the money.


M said...

Interesting. But I would be more impressed if you put your predictive powers into effect before something happened. You should find something and do that.

Domie said...

and the football team w/ the better looking uniform always wins too.