Thursday, July 07, 2005

creepy esp

I was telling you yesterday how all the money had gone to London on the Olympics, so you could predict it. "M," (whomever he/she is), challenged me to predict something before it happened.

So, this is a little bit creepy, and I can't prove it, but why would I make it up?

This morning I was working on something and I got into my head that terrorists attacked Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. I imagined waking up my parents. I even thought of M and just for a second, thought about coming down here to write it down.

But of course I didin't. A, it wasn't a prediction based on evidence, but merely one of those feelings. I guess it's coicidence. B, one doesn't predict bad things like that. If you're wrong, you're morbid, and if you happened to be right, you're a suspect.

When the news of the bombings came I was watching Headline News, I didn't really think much of it because at first they thought it was a power surge. However, as it became more and more clear that this was a coordinated attack, I started feeling very strange.

M is messing with me.

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M said...

That is an unfortunate premonition indeed. But still a coincidence I would say.