Friday, July 15, 2005


On a happier note, I think I have found the sport where I can be the best in the world:

The way it works is you alternate between a round of chess and a round of boxing. Each round of chess is four minutes, played under "Blitz" rules. This means that each player has 12 minutes TOTAL for the entire game. The boxing rounds last two minutes each. There are 11 rounds total; six of chess and 5 of boxing.

This is so for me.

I'm not the greatest boxer in the world, but I'm pretty decent. I used to box, and I can hold my own okay. Plus, I'm confident that in the boxing world, there are very few better chess players than I.

I also am not the best chess player in the world, although again I can hold my own. However, I am virtually positive that I can whip any serious chess player.

So, against the boxers I just play chess very quickly. I do well with Speed Chess, as I think fast on my feet. I can last a few rounds at least with even great boxers, and by then I should be able to win the chess match.

With the chess players it's even easier: I just have to avoid losing the match in the first round, because buddy: yo ass is getting knocked out when those gloves come on.

to win in CHESSBOXING one need either win the chess game or the boxing match. I am well-suited to do either.

If you wish to financially support my training (for a chance to be in my entourage once I'm famous), let me know.

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Bear said...

My brother gave me a glass chess set where each piece is a shot glass. When one of your pieces gets taken, you have to take the shot. Maybe I will donate this to your training.