Sunday, July 24, 2005

an ode to KFC

So, I've been thinking about KFC, and how underrated it is. They hardly ever get mentioned in the list of best Fast Food restaurants, but they really should. I remember back when they had the buffet...I'm still kicking myself for not eating there once a week.

But perhaps where KFC shines the most is at potlucks. For those of you who've never been to church details, let me give you the horror story: old women with nothing better to do decide to unleash their new KalKan recipes (you laugh; it's happened) or worse on an unsuspecting public.

What's worse: some of the potluck casseroles are good: amazingly good. But you never know which ones are good. The only way to find out is to try all of them, and that can be a scary proposition. Add to that the weird looking salads and questionable meatballs and macaroni dishes that show can see why so many people are frightened.

That's where KFC comes in.

Say what you want about their chicken (actually, don't or I'll get mad); what you get is consistent good food. When you’re in that potluck line and don't know what to do, that red and white bucket is a godsend. A small tear might escape, and you feel like somebody up there likes you.

I life my hands to the sky and I say, "Thanks, Colonel Sanders!"

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Bear said...

I wouldn't mind an entire chicken bucket filled with mashed potatoes right now. Of course, I'd have to have the gravy and biscuits to match it.