Tuesday, July 12, 2005

more JOE

Speaking of G.I. JOE, can anyone think of a better talk-show host than Cobra Commander?

Okay, that's a rhetorical question, as obviously you can't, but my real question is: who would be his side-kick?


Anonymous said...

Mainframe. Yeah, I know he's a Joe and CC is Cobra, but I think MF has the right disposition. I remember one episode of the cartoon where MF got all excited because he figured out a way to extract data from a damaged disk by mounting a floating head. That kind of naive enthusiasm would make a good side-kick.

CC: "Our first guest today is Tom Cruise..."

MF: "Oh, I love Tom. He's dreamy. I have him as my desktop background and I wrote an entry on my blog about how he and Katie..."

CC: "Shut up, you fool!"

-jg usa

Hyperion said...

Mainframe is not a bad idea, but I'm thinking outside the G.I. JOE world. Like possibly David Hyde Pierce (Niles, from FRASIER). He'd be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you're in the real world now. I don't do reality ;)

-jg usa