Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Baby-Daddy express

I was watching the Tour de France, and after it ended I flipped around a bit before shutting the TV off. I found Maury Povich. I’m not a talk-show guy, although my sister once told me that Povich and William Mantel (or something like that) were the worst of the current crop.

Anyway, Maury had this woman on who was trying to find who her baby’s daddy was. This current man was the…wait for it…13th man who’d been tested for paternity, apparently all on Maury.

Now, I’m not one to judge a girl for sleeping with 13 different men in her life. I know of some of you already are, but let’s cut her a break on that. However, as I understand pregnancy, it’s not an exact science, but doctors are usually reasonably sure of “the window of opportunity” in which the baby was conceived. Usually about 2 weeks or so, am I right?

This leads me to conclude that Maury’s particular guest has not always made the best life choices. Add to that the fact that (so far) the 12 men tested had not been fathers. You see where I’m going with this? If there were ONLY 13, there would be pretty good odds to find Daddy before lucky #13. However, if the actual number is say, significantly higher, perhaps the 12 failures make sense.

The best part was the woman didn’t seem to feel any sense of shame whatsoever, for at least putting those men through needless stress, let alone the international buffet that was her womb. Sadly, shame seems to be all too lacking in today’s young-folk.

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