Sunday, July 24, 2005

One more conspiracy to worry about...

So, recently I started playing Wizard online.

Now, for those of you raised in the “Harry Potter is evil” school (Pedro, Die-Hard; I’m looking in your direction), let me hasten to point out that Wizard is not anything to do with Magic, Dungeons and Dragons, Warcraft, or any of those others. Not that I’m hating on them, but I’ve never been into that.

Wizard is a bidding game, kind of like Spades, but more closely like Rook or Sevens. You bid on tricks you’re going to take, and there’s trump.

What makes Wizard extra cool is that they add Wizards (which beat anything) and Jesters (which lose to anything) to the deck, which you can play at any time if you get the cards.

I’ve always enjoyed Wizard in real life and am considered the best in the world by those who play me.

Online was a different kettle of fish. The game moves faster, is more cutthroat, and you can’t read body language to know how someone is going to play. It can be confusing. But still, it’s a load of fun. There’s a chat function, and you get to know people after awhile. They all seem very friendly.


Anyway, I’ve been playing for awhile, having a grand old time, and then I found out one of the players is trying to kill me.

At first it was just an anonymous email passed my way to beware. I couldn’t believe it! Only I could join an innocent online card game and end up the target of assassination.

Eventually (through my keen detective skills honed by spending time with Archer Falcon), I came to discover the killer was the nefarious Spicy. Apparently she is a cyborg, the fearsome Spicy1000, sent back in time by the Cyberdine corporation to kill me before I can take over the world.

Of course, this proves I AM going to take over the world, provided I don’t get killed.

Luckily, though a killer, Spicy1000 is an interesting cyborg, and agreed to be interviewed via the web (to protect me) on what it’s like to be a cyborg.

I’ll post that interview when I get it. For now, come join and play Wizard with me!

But beware the Spicy1000!


Anonymous said...

hah proves nothing other than if you fear for your life, forget wizard and eat lots of kfc

wildcat9two said...

LOL. Dork