Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Salt and Pepper's

So Hyperion hasn’t been too happy lately, but that changed somewhat tonight. For the second week in a row I had the ultimate dining experience at a place called Salt and Pepper’s.

Oh, Mama.

To start with, up here in the Witness Protection Program in Canada, there are very VERY few Mexican restaurants. I have thought about this, and come to a conclusion why: there aren’t very many Mexicans. I know this is an evolutionary leap of logic, but work with me: Mexicans come to America to work, and that’s a tough gig; no matter how they got there. To ask them to then trek another 2500 miles north to a land where it snows 9 months a year—something Mexicans aren’t even really sure exists.

Anyway, I heard about this Mexican restaurant and finally last week convinced part of my family to go. We had a two-for-one coupon. We walk in an the place just looks Mexican. That coral/adobe looking color on the walls. Authentic Mexican music playing over the speakers. (Maybe it’s just me, but I always hate it when I go to a restaurant that is serving, say, Italian, and they’re playing NIN. Give me a break.)

Then the owner comes out: Sam. This guy is very proud of his place, in a good way, and tells us all the stuff available Best of all, and if you know me you know this is huge indeed: Tuesday is all you can eat taco night.

Talk about heaven.

So, I’m pretty sure I ate 18.5 last week. I was happy, only to have Sam come back to us and tell us that the record was 22. I was pretty sure I could beat this, so I talked Marcellus and my dad into going back tonight. More all you can eat tacos.

I’ll save you some suspense and say I didn’t break the record tonight. But It’s not my fault. There were mitigating circumstances. One, we got chips and salsa and some sort of pickled vegetable relish. Two, we went too late. Each order of three (beef, chicken, or chorizo…hmmmm…) has to be oven baked special. Next time I’ll go earlier.

Perhaps most distracting, however, was our server Janelle. Besides being extremely intelligent and other-worldly beautiful, she was wearing these cargo shorts that for some reason were unbuttoned. I found myself (for educational purposes only) wondering if they would ever come off. It was a bit of a distraction, let me tell you.

But I’ll get the record next time. If you live close (or even if you don’t) come up and join me as we assault the record books and become immortal.

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