Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pining for the Captain

Last night at Denny's I thought I spied Captain Crunch. As many of you know, sometimes you didn't even realize you wanted Captain Crunch, only to find out that's what you desperately craved.

This is what happened to me.

[Quick Captain Crunch aside. Back in high school when Peanut Butter Crunch came out, I went through a phase where I liked peanut butter crunch about as much as a man can legally like a breakfast cereral. Anyway, when we went to FBLA State, my mom packed a goodie-bag, including Peanut Butter Crunch. On the back you were supposed to find seven items, one of which was a purple balloon. But there were no purple balloons. There were 5 blue balloons, but you weren't supposed to find five blue balloons; you were supposed to find 1 purple balloon. We looked all weekend, and nothing. So, when I got home I wrote the good Cap'n and expressed my displeasure. They sent me coupons for three free boxes PLUS several really cool toys. Score.]

Anyway, back at Denny's I asked Taisie for some Captain Crunch. She told me it was not Captain Crunch, but instead Frosted Flakes. Now, Frosted Flakes are okay, but when you want Captain Crunch, they are a pretty sorry substitute.

So what I did was have her bring the container of Frosted Flakes over, and then I got Brajj (the god of Denny's and the god of writing), along with Frocket (my pocket-frog), Battle Cow and Flip 'N' Fancy to stand on all four sides and use their mental powers to turn the Frosted Flakes into Captain Crunch.

It didn't work, but I wouldn't have been surprised if it had. I told Taisie it only would have been the third strangest thing that happened to me this week. I know some of you are sitting there scoffing (seriously; I can sense your scoff). But those who know me undertand.

But I really did want that Captain Crunch.

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