Friday, July 16, 2010

New Trailers at INCEPTION

One of the cool things about seeing a Midnight Premiere of a new blockbuster movie is that you get the newest (and potentially bestest) Trailers.  INCEPTION was no exception. (heh heh...that rhymed!) There were six Trailers - five of them brand new! I have them below, along with a few comments.


My friend Carlos thinks TRON: LEGACY will be bigger than AVATAR.  I think it's more realistic to shoot for being bigger than AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. Cool preview, though.


The first WALL STREET was fantastic.  No reason this one can't be good, too, I suppose, but I'm not clamoring for it.  I'm more curious to see if male movie-goers connect to the love interest (Carey Mulligan) having shorter hair than the guy (Shia LaBeouf).  Guys tend to like longer hair.  (Not that I'm judging you short haired gals.  Way to buck the trend and rely on your personalities to get men!)


"From the acclaimed Director of GONE BABY GONE" is scrawled up on screen, which made me giggle.  Not that GBG was a bad movie - it was terrific.  it's just that Ben Affleck directed it.  Affleck, whom I have criticized more than a few times for some of his acting choices and performances, DID do a great job directing that film, but he (still) has so little credibility that they have to downplay his role there, and hope people just remember it was a great film.  THE TOWN looks promising - set in Boston, about criminals...good stuff.  The only warning sign - Affleck is IN this one.  I'm not saying he can't ever give a good performance, but directing oneself is a different proposition than directing others.  I guess we'll see.


Do me a favor: watch the Trailer before you read the rest of this comment.  Are you back?  Good.  I thought the Trailer was incredibly bad-ass, as did everyone in the theater.  I will say, though, that when the credits started appearing at the end the Audience started laughing derisively and booing.  Just goes to show you what expectations can do, which is too bad, because this looks like a terrific concept.  I know I'm intrigued.

DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS - Most of you have seen this Trailer, so there's no need for extensive commentary, but check it out on YouTube if you haven't. (Looks pretty great.)


Zach Galifianakis went from not getting his Comedic due to being in every other movie coming out.  At some point he risks over-exposure, but I suppose you got to get it while it's hot if you're an actor.  Robert Downey Jr. has always had fantastic comic timing, and even though I got just the barest hint of "better on paper than in execution" feelings ("Let's put RDJ and ZG on the road together!"), I'm still optimistic this will be a scream.

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