Monday, November 29, 2010

Super Awesome Christmas Hats from

I like looking through the website because it's one of the few places that regularly stocks hats my size. I was browsing through the other day and saw a "Holiday" section, and simply loved these three.

Santa vs. Turkey (Who Ya Got?)

How on Earth has this not been made into a treasured Holiday special? (buy it here)

Christmas Lights

I think this looks sweet. Maybe I'm an idiot. They also had it in white, but black makes the most sense. (Buy it here)

Santa Skull

Don't know why, but this just spoke to me. (Buy it here)

IMPORTANT NOTE - all pictures are copyrighted by - I hope they won't mind me borrowing them since I'm giving a plug.  So you know, I do this of my own accord because I love the hats. I get no payment or kickback of any kind.

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