Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two Greatest Words Put Together

The other day (okay, it was November, but you get the point), I had an Arby's.

(By the way, quick aside: the new toasted subs at Arby's? Start slappin' your momma.)

Anyway, on one of the packages was this proclamation that went like this (I'm paraphrasing):

Beef and Cheddar: The two best words that could possibly be put together.

So here is my challenge, Barn. Can you top that?


koz said...

I do loves me some Beef N Cheddar but consider these words: French Dip (keeping with the Arbys theme)

Dutchess Laine Dominique said...

add the side of curly fries w/ cheese sause to dip and a shake (omg those shakes)!!!!!