Friday, August 01, 2008

ATLO #1 - Nick Brandt

I'm starting a brand new feature here on Monkey Barn, 'cuz you dudes need culture! I call it (drumroll, please):




Much like the beloved Picture of the Day, Quote of the Day and Daily Lynx, the ATLO will be a periodically running segment to introduce you to artists you may have never heard from. I love the classics, of course, but my emphasis will be largely undiscovered artists. For each artist I will put up a couple of pictures, NOT IN AN ATTEMPT TO INFRINGE COPYRIGHT, BUT TO GET YOU TO VISIT THEIR SITES AND BUY (IF INTERESTED) THEIR ART.

The first Artist To Lust Over is Nick Brandt. Nick has studied Film and Painting, but it's his African Photography that blew me away. I don't know if it's because I lived there or my affinity for black and white, but I couldn't get over his photographs. Here are a couple.

"Lioness with Cub Feeding"

Several of Brandt's photographs show mothers and babies. While I feel very strongly that human babies are all ugly, animal babies are (almost) all cute. One of my favorites is the babboon baby. Make sure you see that one. (The elephant baby is to die for as well.)

"Windswept Lion"

There are several photographs of lions right before a storm. I love the power of the pictures, and how noble the animals as they brace for a fury even more powerful then they.

You need to visit the Young Gallery, which has several of his pictures on display, as well as details on how you can buy prints. I recommend it. How awesome a Holiday Gift would one of those babies make? (Pretty Freaking Awesome).

Perhaps more in your price range, Brandt has published a book of his work called On This Earth: Photographs from East Africa. The link goes to Amazon, where I notice you can save 35% off the hardcover price.

For the record, like all of the Artists I plan on featuring, no one approached or asked me to do it. I am starting this simply for the love of the artists' work, and in the hopes that you will discover them too. All the art belongs to the artist. (If you have an artist that should be featured, let me know and I'll consider putting them on the list.)

Make sure you Ooooh and Aaaaah over every photograph. You'll be the most popular person at work today. One more to whet your appetetite, a gorgeous photograph that almost cracks my heart:

"Elephant Cathedral"

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