Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daily Lynx - Hyperion Day Style

Since today is Hyperion Day, I thought I would reward you with a monster edition of the Lynx. (These have all been vetted for coolness. Not a Biden in the bunch. Ooh, that's a great motto!)

1. You need something to get pissed off about. Admit it. I'm your huckleberry. In New York, mothers are taking their 8 year old daughters for their first Brazilian wax. A rite of passage, right? When will you liberals learn shame?

2. Thinking about drinking Tequila, but not really sure it's for you? Take a look at what things look like sober vs. drunk on Tequila.

3. One more cheap shot at liberals. (Conservatives will take it up the ass from me next week.) Some older women are cougars. Then there are some who are PUMAs.

4. Switching gears, a really cool food site: the Encyclopedia of Spices. I always wondered what the hell to do with Asafoetida.

5. Just for the Awesome: The 10 most incredible feats of The Incredible Hulk.

6. How to get laid in 1977. I want you to know; I have personally seen Sparky Duck wearing three of these outfits.

7. One of the greatest short videos of all time. How many times does 5 go into 25? If you said 14, you really know your maths.

And finally, not to EVER be forgotten, the Lady Jane Scarlett decreed International Bow Down Before the Hyperion Day. She said it, not I.

Those are your Daily Lynx. Use them wisely, people.

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