Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rumor #2

Oprah may be preparing to step away from the Airwaves next June but is not quite ready to give up her Empire.  AP is reporting that HARPO Inc. (the company that syndicates Oprah's show) is negotiating with the 2245 stations where Oprah is currently seen to keep the timeslot when the mogul retires. To do that she needs a replacement with star power. Later this year, during a planned 3 week hiatus, rather than re-runs AP reports that Oprah will give three different people auditions. Each audition will be a week's worth of shows, and they will run under Oprah's name.  The identity of these three guest-hosts has been a closely guarded secret, but TMZ is reporting that former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, reality-star Kate Gosselin and Lindsay Lohan will get the nods.  Palin's star power is obvious and it is thought she would be able to hold the "middle America" audience.  Gosselin has recently made a name for herself too with her show (and the headline-grabbing aftermath) of "Jon and Kate Plus 8."  The real surprise is Lohan, but TMZ reports that Oprah met the movie star several years ago (right after MEAN GIRLS) and the two hit it off. "Oprah really likes her," said a confidential source, "And thinks Lindsay has real potential.  All the problems she's had have been because of the Hollywood machine, and Oprah thinks with the right guidance Lindsay could be fantastic."  The shows are scheduled to tape in late July and to air in August. 

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