Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Daily Lynx - Potpourri

A few Lynx for you this morning.

1. Christianity Today has their list of the 10 Most Uplifting Films of 2008. Did FIREPROOF make the list? Yes. What else made it? I think you will be surprised, if not downright shocked. I know I was.

2. This story is for anyone who has ever lost a pet, or has a pet they care about. My favorite Sports writer, Bill Simmons, on the passing of his dog. The writing is flat-out excellent (I expect it to win something at the end of the year), and I recommend it to all, but be warned: it will get little dusty when you're reading.

3. From out "Only in Canda" file, an 11-month old boy calls the cops on his dad, who happens to be a marijuana grower. See, up in Canada, they respect the law so much they got their toddlers dropping dimes.

Those are your links for the day. Use them well!

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