Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Now Introducing Skittles

Shows you how far behind I am already this year. I bring Skittles on board and forget to introduce her! On top of that, she's already posted twice this year, making me look bad!

Anyway, Skittles popped up a few months ago, leaving provocative comments all over Monkey Barn. She also started sending in things from time to time, which, to be honest, was more than most of the Barn was doing. Eventually I wrote and told her, "Why don't you just come aboard?"

She did and she's here.

I don't know Skittles personally, but according to her she's a former runway model/mercenary/Panda Interpreter. (And God knows what else.) She has worked for the United Nations, the Brazil National Basketball team, and ran a My Little Pony LARP for prisoners at Gitmo.

Ladies and gentlemen: Skittles.

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Dragon said...

Welcome to the barn skittles. Umm, nice pic. :)