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Former Monkey Barn member Dominique wrote and asked me to post this message about the troops. I told her I would be happy to. I'm not sure if the pictures (pulled from an email) will come through, but you guys can read, right?

Adoptaplatoon E-News & Urgent Request

September 24, 2008

Dear AdoptaPlatoon Supporters!

We will never tire of thanking you for being a part of the AAP Team and also thank you for every blessing you send to our Troops!

We have some updates to relate but first have an urgent request! As the holidays quickly approach, our Troops need us more than ever. We currently have Army Soldiers and Marines waiting for an American to embrace them and are again in need of supporters and ask that you help by spreading the word in your community, work place, places of worship, schools, civic organizations and to family, neighbors and friends letting them know that they are NEEDED BY OUR DEPLOYED U.S. TROOPS! To participate and make a difference in the life of a deployed U.S. Soldier ask them to visit the AAP website at and submit an application...

PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD to make sure no U.S. Service Member requesting help goes without the morale support needed. Be sure to go to the AAP forum on the website and let us know that YOU ARE SPREADING THE WORD!

As an AAP approved Team Supporter, if you can consider writing to another soldier or sending a care package to one more or a few more Soldiers, please let us know by returning this e-mail, with the following information, to

  • NAME
  • AGE
  • What kind of support you want to give: adopt (weekly letters/cards plus monthly care packages), pen-pal (weekly letters/cards).
  • NAME & ADDRESS of your CURRENT Service Member
  • Any changes in your information – be sure to include the old and then the new so we can correct our records.

We are working as quickly as possible to process all requests so please be sure to have all requested information when you send your request. If you have any questions, please send by e-mail to as well.


We are furiously busy filling Halloween bags for our deployed Troops and still have many more Soldiers and Marines that would love to receive one. If you would like to participate in this campaign, Treats for the Troops, there is still time. Please send an e-mail to Arline – - with TREATS –Current Supporter, in the subject line. Be sure to include your information with the name of the last Soldier you supported AND approximately how many Troops you can send to. If you have friends not yet signed up, have them fill out an application on our website and put TREATS in the comments’ section.

(Note: If you signed up with Ida for Halloween, please know that she is working as quickly as possible to process all e-mails!)


There have been many ADDRESS / NAME changes in our last Miscellaneous Campaigns update, as well as NEW CAMPAIGNS being added. Please click here to download the most updated Campaign list, or you can contact Cheryl at:, and she will send you the list. Please do not send anything unless you have an updated list, or your mail may be returned.

Right around the corner………………


We are also getting ready for our Christmas / Winter campaigns, Stockings from Santa and Operation Holiday Eagle, and need everyone’s help to make these two campaigns successful! Holidays are especially hard on our deployed Troops and their families, and many of our Soldiers and Marines are young, single and away from home for the first time. Just knowing that someone they don’t even know, cares enough to send a card and/or a care package, means more to them than you will ever know. Please go to our website and check out the posters for these two upcoming campaigns for more information.

We would like everyone to know that your support of the Troops through AdoptaPlatoon truly makes a difference in the quality of life of our deployed Troops! Army Commander sends you his words of "Thanks!"

"It is hard out here - austere living conditions, lack of simple things we take for granted at home (like being able to drink and brush your teeth), and the tragedy of seeing people hurt and worse - sometimes strangers and sometimes friends - always tragic. But, the thing we miss most is just HOME and FAMILY. These are the most important things in life. Thank you for helping to provide things to make life easier, and for being, in a way, a "family" organization to help us. We appreciate you. And, like our brothers from past conflicts did not have, it is much easier to do this job when we know we have the support and love and concern from great Americans like you back home. LTC Stephen Jarrard, U.S. Army, Afghanistan."

Again, we can’t thank you enough for your generosity in supporting all our Military and especially in adopting another Troop! We look forward to hearing from you!

All of us from AdoptaPlatoon

AdoptaPlatoon HQ
P.O. Box 234
Lozano, TX 78568

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