Monday, September 15, 2008

International Lady Jane Scarlett Day

On this day- September 15th, in the era of free love, hip huggers, disco, and shiny lip gloss, a child was born. Lady Jane would become a great pirate who fearlessly led her legion of followers to the path of slackerhood, great spaghetti sauce, and a quest to reduce global warming. LJS was born to a humble family in Ohio where she learned how to read by age 3 and got her first broken bones by age 5. In addition to her legacy as a fearless purveyor of the seas, Lady Jane is the only person ever to earn the Nobel prize in every category. She is adulated in 6 continents as a "cat whisperer" and is world-renowned as the best crooner of lullabies, ever. Due to the "penguin incident", she is an outlaw in Antarctica.

So today, September 15th, we celebrate International Lady Jane Scarlett day with a pirate "arggghhhhh!" and a shot of tequila.

[taken from International Day]

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