Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Boring Incarceration

Not being able to write has been terrible. However, since I am stuck in this room doing nothing, I have tried to pass the time.

I ended up at Fail Blog, and looked at every single picture. Cracked me up. I saved a few of them for you.

Schrodinger swears this is how she met her BF.

I think this is where "Asshat" came from

A douche-burger? Well, it is the Dairy QUEEN

I've included two DQ pics because they messed up my last two orders. I like the idea of this sign, but not what they had in mind. (I wonder if Koz says this to his woman?)

I can't think of a caption to make this funnier

And as a bonus, a Fail Video!

This might not look Safe for work, but it totally is. Halfway through you'll see the ending coming, but it's still totally worth it.

I miss everyone.

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