Monday, November 10, 2008

Hyperion is Starting a Biker Gang

I have decided to start a biker gang. (Technically, a Motorcycle Club, or MC.)

The reasons for this will become clear in a few days, but for now, my as-yet-unformed biker gang needs a name. Any suggestions are welcome, but if you insist on being a smart-ass, remember: once I have my gang, we can literally ride to where you live and kick your ass.

I'm still weighing the options of coed inclusion (traditionally MCs don't allow women to get "patched;" become full members), but if the women can't actually join, they can always be biker bitches, or possibly find fulfillment like these ladies. (NSFW)

Thanks for all your help. In the days to come I will have more information in case you want to be considered for membership in the___________. (Whatever the biker gang is called.)

Papa H


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Who can actually RIDE A BIKE?? Me, that's who.
Bitches unite!

Hyperion said...

Here I am trying to start a Motorcycle Club, and no one will help me with the name!

See if any of you get in.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

If you want names, I want a patch.
(I thought you liked negotiations with preconditions) ;)

Koz said...

Amen Corner

Dragon said...

Hell's Belles