Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Chris Berman interviews Obama/McCain on SPORTS

Last night at halftime of the Monday Night Football game Chris Berman did a short interview with Barack Obama and John McCain. The interviews were live via satelite. (Conducted live: they may have been shot earlier in the day.) I don't know if the candidates were given the questions beforehand, although this was more of a human interest piece, so it's not like it was tough to figure out.

Both Candidates were asked what was the most valuable thing they ever learned from the sporting world (either from watching sports in or their own lives), and also what one thing they would change about sports. Overall McCain was funnier, throwing in a few jokes that fans of Chris Berman would get, but Obama's answer almost made me weep with happiness. I'm still not planning on voting for either guy, but Obama picked the one thing that bugs me most about sports too, which was pretty moving. I tell you the truth: if I thought for a moment he might actually do something about it, that would be good enough reason for me to vote for him. (I think you'll all agree the BCS is far more important as a single issue than guns or when babies cease to be zombies or taxes or war or any of that inconsequential stuff.)

Here are the two videos:

If the videos won't work, here is the transcript. (They have the order backwards, which may or may not be biased, but it is accurate.)

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