Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nike's innovative Tiger Woods commercials

For a long time, I thought Nike's commercial of Tiger doing tricks with his golf ball was the best. It was understated, fun and amazing.

Then, two years ago, Tiger won the British Open, the first tournament without his dad. Besides putting out a tribute commercial, Nike had this incredibly simple yet touching commercial of a young Tiger winning the British. There was something so pure and innocent about it, and I thought, "That cannot be topped."

However, debuting Sunday afternoon, on Father's Day, Tiger's first Father's Day as a father, was the video below. A Nike spokesperson explained that they wanted to tell a bit of a story, to help explain to people how Tiger got to be the way he is.

With what we knew Sunday, this year's U.S. Open was one of the best ever. With what we now know was going on, Tiger's performance and victory is the best yet.

And it makes this commercial all the more poignant and marmalade.

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