Thursday, June 05, 2008

Somebody's Balls are about to Drop

This is (if I counted correctly) the 1999th post in Monkey Barn history. Tomorrow, the 2000th post, will unveil Monkey Barn 3.0; or Monkey Barn the Next Generation. (And no; it will not include anything about Picard.)

I was trying to think about what to do for this 1999th post, and I thought about doing a Top Ten posts from 1001-1999, but that proved too difficult, and I could just see hurt feelings, etc.

I would point you to the very special 1000th post, which Lady Jane Scarlett organized without my knowledge. And our Archives are over on the right, which you are more than encouraged to take look through.

And, since I don't really have anything else, I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you the International Holidays from this week.

June 1 was International Be Ferris Bueller Day

June 2 was International Banana in the Tailpipe Day

June 3 was International Styrofoam Day

June 4 was International Disconnect Day

June 5 WHICH IS TODAY is International Chuck Norris Day. This one never gets old.

Tomorrow is June 6, International "Wars were better in My Day" Day

Saturday is June 7, International "The Count" from Sesame Street Day

And Sunday, which is also my sister's birthday, is International Hug a Sister Day

You can find out about the proper dress, decorations and celebratory activities for these days by visiting International Day, where every day is a Holiday.

And get ready for tomorrow, which is going to blow you the fuck away.

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Sparky Duck said...

Ive checked my balls and they are fine. No worries ladies