Friday, July 11, 2008

Mallard here

I heard a little bit about a band starting, a band that was being steered towards me by that freaking lifesave Hyperion. This is the last time that I allow him to use the I save your life card upon me.

So, here I am, sitting in a hotel in San Diego, having to beg off of the New Kids on the Block reunion tour, which is not making me the biggest supporter where my wife is concerned and having to get on a commuter plane through Minnesota and then onto Providence. Thanks Hype, paying for 1st class is too much for you?? Anyway, Lindbergh Airport is nice, though not as nice as my cushy bed.

Dragon is a menace, probably still hopped up on speed or artificial sugar, pick your poison. And if I have to deal with that sexed up drama queen that is Koz for longer than a few weeks, I may have to tear what is remaining of my hair out.

But, there is the music. This little band was something special, even if it was on the bar circuit. They had a talent, as long as they did not play that Butterfly Cover, they were special, which is why I am flying coach out of San Diego.

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