Saturday, July 12, 2008

Where's Wayne Brady when you need him?


I'm not saying all women are whores.

But I am saying that these two women are whores.

And bitches.

And cunts.

That's right. I went there. I don't know if I have used that word (in a negative way, at least) EVER, but I'm making an exception.

Koz sent me this video, and, mood that I'm in, I watched the entire thing. I'm not ashamed to say I cried.

Ladies, you know I've been your biggest supporter (literally) for a long time, but tell me how you justify this behavior. Tell me why I'm standing up for you, sticking my neck out with my ardent feminism, fighting the good fight against abuse, and not generally thinking all women are gold diggers.


I'm giving up on the human race.


Sea Hag said...

Ladies! I hope that this is a lesson: if he spends more money on toys and hasn't got you an engagement ring HE NEVER WILL. Don't waste years hoping someone like this will grow up because they won't.

I love the fact that they were drunk, but not drunk enough to forget to wear safety glasses.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Awesome safety glasses.

I'm a bit betwixt and between about this. On one hand, it really does NOT matter about a stupid engagement ring. If you love the man, that's all that matters. What she did was really inexcusable.

On the other hand: if he can afford all those stupid toys, and he knew that she wanted a ring, then why couldn't he afford to buy her something? How old IS he afterall? 12?!?!

And what TF is up with that Princess Leia fetish? Men, please 'splain.

Sea Hag said...

I think it's a little dillusional to expect someone who obviously has an issue with thinking beyond himself to purchase you something. It was important to her to get an engagment ring but he didn get her one... so she should have left him, not bashed his shit. Two immaturities don't make a right, but then again, it sure is mighty entertaining.

Koz said...

Thats a $900 toy. She could have sold it and been halfway to a nice ring.

Anonymous said...

She's mad because he didn't give her a ring when he proposed, yet she accepted. She's mad because he went to Vegas to see strippers and whores, but was unable (by means fair or foul) to convince him not to go. And I would guess that by the proposal stage she might have been over to his house once and beheld the magnificence that was the groom's Star Wars collection... Hard to generate alot of sympathy for this chick.

Lesson to be learned: if there's no ring at the proposal, but he retains possession of piles of collectible nerdy plastic, JUST SAY NO!