Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Star Wars figurine update

As you no doubt recall, the other day I posted a video of two girls breaking a beloved Star Wars figure, all on the "charge" that one of them had a fiance who wouldn't give her an engagement ring.

I did not get the response I was looking for.

However, Koz sent me the follow-up video, and I now realize that the truth is much much worse.

I hate everyone involved in this whole situation, and I hope many of them find their way to Alderaan, if you get my meaning:


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

hahhahaha to you Hypey.

Dragon said...

You labeled this 'Bitches'? Um, Bastard seems more like it.

Anonymous said...

I should have known. No guy with that much dorky crap would ever get a girl that hot to agree to marry him, especially without a ring. Unless his last name was Gates. Or Lucas.

Peace, bitches

Sea Hag said...

Well, that certainly explains the safety glasses.