Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obama on The New Yorker cover

The new New Yorker cover:

Is it:

A) A direct hit against Obama?

B) A satire of what the the far Right supposedly thinks Obama represents?

C) A satire of the Far Left, for thinking the far Right can be reduced to simplistic notions of what Obama represents.

D) A satire against people who read The New Yorker (and their ilk), pointing out their hypocrisy, since there have been repeated jabs against right-wing politicians (including the sitting president), with the outcry we see now.

E) All of the Above.

F) None of the Above.

If "F," what's your answer?


Koz said...

F. A ploy to sell more magazines due to declining revenues in print media.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I think it was meant as B. But, also given that even when people are told that Obama is a Christian, they insist that he has "arab tendencies" because a Republican lobbyist said so on FOX. So this cover really does no favors to the Obama camp.

All in all it was like Koz said-a desperate attempt to get more sales.

Koz said...

Hey we actually agreed on something. Swagina.

Dragon said...

I agree with Koz. I'm sure it will become a collector's item if Obama wins.

Hyperion said...

Koz - Well, that goes without saying.

LJS - "Arab Tendencies" would make a great band name for a teenage band in Iowa: scare the fuck out of the 'rents.

Dragon - At least we can't accuse the New Yorker of giving us inexplicable cartoons, like they did to Elaine in Seinfeld.