Wednesday, July 02, 2008

International Eat Something New Day (and no, your neighbor doesn't count)

Some crazy holidays going on this week.

yesterday was International Pizza Day. Actually, you can celebrate this all week and be cool. I myself had a Three-Meats Totino's Pizza, baked on a cookie sheet (because I like it a little bit chewy).

Today is International Eat Something New Day. I'm contemplating ordering the new Island Fire Burger from Sonic. If not that, any suggestions?

Tomorrow is International Razor Burn Day. (I do have to shave, but maybe I can just cut myself a little.)

Friday, alongside Independence Day, is also International DUDE Day. I'm fairly sure you must watch THE BIG LEBOWSKI, at least for a few minutes.

Saturday is International Don't Drink Pee Day. You know, if you were planning on it, don't.

And the week rounds out with Sunday's International Blogocile Day. (Combination of Blog and Imbecile, and more than that you'll have to read Wordnerd's explanation.)

These holidays can be found at International Day. Enjoy.

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