Monday, May 11, 2009

Stay Thirsty My Friends

I don't drink beer and I'm rarely if ever gay, but I love me some Dos Esquis Guy. President Obama should make him secretary of something, and every director should put him in a movie.

Here are some of the commercials:

"His Organ Donation Card includes his Beard...."

"His Blood smells like cologne...."

On Rollerblading:

On Mixed Nuts:

On Tight Pants

On Life

On Pick-Up Lines

On the Two-Party System

Best one I've seen (maybe because it was the first, but mostly because it has the best line of the year: "He lives vicariously....")

"I don't always fall in love with men, but when I do, I prefer, the Dos Equis guy." - Hyperion


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Looks like Kenny Rogers found a new career. That's just wonderful!

Hyperion said...

How Dare You!