Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Garfield Shows Signs of Life?

Years ago I wrote Garfield off. Most newspaper comic-strips are somewhat derivative, but Garfield hadn't had a new idea in centuries.

But somewhere along the comfortable mosey to retirement Jim Davis remembered that before Bucky Katt, even before Heathcliff (not to mention Riff-Raff and the Junkyard Three), there was one bad-ass sarcastic cat, and that was Garfield.

Not every strip is a winner. Daily comics don't work that way. But like 2-3 times a week Garfield is making me laugh, and you're talking about someone who hasn't laughed at Garfield since Clooney left E.R.

In the last couple-a weeks Garfield hasn't just made me laugh, it seems to define my very existence!

Amen, brother. Amen!

I think girls have absolutely no idea how important it is for guys to be #1 at SOMETHING.

I swear by the gods of Stouffer's that the other day Paula Deen did this! She made lasagna for her and a friend, and baked this huge loaves of garlic bread (French bread halved and smothered in garlic butter). When everything was done she put her lasagna between the bread and ate it as a sandwich. I haven't seen a woman's mouth open that wide since the time I visited Dragon and...well, it's a boring story, but the point is: a good idea is a good idea.

Girls are so freaking weird.


Bogart said...

Agreed! I too have noted the Garfield comeback. My guess is either Jim Davis is off the sauce or is now divorced!

Dragon said...

Remind me to kick your ass.

Hyperion said...

Bogart - It's truly bizarre. I couldn't imagine anything in comics less likely (with the obvious exception of them becoming relevant to young people again) other than Bil Keane suddenly getting his act together. If Bil "I'm too fucking cool to put the second L in my name" Keane actually put some real bite into his comics I'd keel over. There was ONE good Family Circus lately, but I go for the Broken Clock theory on that. Let's see you step up, Bil!

Dragon - You know, most women are honored to have it implied that they were lucky enough to be with Hyperion. Even Bogart, if I were to write "Reading Family Circus is like bending over worse than Bogart does whenever I'm in town, He would be HONORED. Why do you always have to act like it's the Plague?