Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bill O'Reilly

Do you hate Bill O'Reilly as I do? Every night it seems like he and Keith Olbermann are in a never-ending contest to see who's the biggest douche-bag. (and don't even begin to tell me that Olbermann is "good." They both suck balls, which is what they are doing when they can't find a young girl to stalk. Look into it.)

Anyway, I found a video of O'Reilly going crazy on camera a few years ago. Now, recording for tape can be tough, and everyone on camera has made thousands of mistakes. I'm more than sure Olbermann has his terrible moments, as do other TV personalities that I don't wish raped to death by pit-bulls.

But I have to admit: in a real snarky way, watching Bill O'Reilly lose his shit is funny stuff:

O'Reilly loses it.

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