Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Previews before Prince Caspian

Saw PRINCE CASPIAN last night. Before the film were six previews, ranging from good to suicide-inducing.


Comment: Looks adorable, and I'd follow Pixar anywhere.


Comment: I actually tried to slit my own wrists with a soda can. No lie.


Comment: I have fears this might suck, but at least it looks like they are trying. I'll wait for word-of-mouth on this, but feel cautiously optimistic.

- I posted the clip last time (watch it over on You Tube should you desire), but I did add a wrinkle this time you might want to try in the theater. At the beginning of the trailer the words appeared "the most powerful superhero on earth...." and I piped up, "Oprah?" General laughter from those around us. Then, they start to show Hulk's immense green body breaking through the asphalt, and I quipped, "....still could be Oprah....." Brought the house down. Try it!

JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH - I posted this earlier too (watch it here). I have every confidence this 3-D movie will suck, but at least it will be an interesting experiment.


Comment: Will Smith has proven he can open a movie, whether it's dreck or gold. These trailers look pretty good, and I like the take on a superhero who's so alone and freakish he becomes a homeless alcoholic. Add in Justin Bateman, and this could be the movie of the summer.


Sparky Duck said...

Ive heard rumors of worries and possible reshoots with Hancock, that never is good news

Miss Britt said...

Wait. That dog thing is a MOVIE?

I was certain it was a joke.