Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daily Lynx - Explosion

Three more cool Lynx:

1. There are a Million websites out there telling you how to get girls. But what if you have too many of them? What if they won't leave you alone. (A problem Hyperion knows all too well.) One man has the answer: How to Lose Girls.

2. Curious what the Internet looked like back in the day? For their Tenth Anniversary, Google has unveiled Google2001. It's their earliest cache of Internet sites. You can see what various sites looked like then, which is interesting. Other interesting things to look up: Sarah Palin, Britney Spears, your girlfriend. (Make sure you select the 2001 look of the site, or it may be gibberish or modern.)

3. Okay. You're home. You're bored. You have a kitchen. Clearly the next step is to see what happens when you microwave various food (and non-food) items. Admit it: you've done this. (Mine was a raisin, microwaved for seven minutes. Not much happened, but it was hard as a rock.) Then there were these guys who (and I'm quoting), decided to Microwave the Fuck out of Shit.

Some of the things are only nominally interesting, like jelly beans, pineapple, deodorant, gum, jellow (still in the packet), gummi worms and a nerf football.

Some are moderately interesting, like ketchup packets, parfait, cake, crayons, crispy dessert bar, eclairs and a bottle of glue.

And you truly do not want to miss Christmas lights, soap, foam, breath mints, tomato, marshmallows and eggs. Good times.


Sea Hag said...

How could you think the bottle of glue wasn't the most awesome thing ever? I watched it like 10 times and I laughed each time. The lights were totally boss.

Hyperion said...

You just like the glue the best because of fond memories......