Friday, October 17, 2008

It's possible I'm a little too awesome

Two of the finest moments in this general election. Both men were funny as heck, complimentary and just plain awesome. The videos are long, but fun.

John McCain's video.

Barack Obama's video.

:) LJS


Hyperion said...

Just hilarious!

I've said it time and time again: I wish candidates would be themselves! I'm not endorsing McCain (I endorse no one but me), but I happen to know he's hilarious. We've seen him on The Daily Show for years, heard his off-the-cuff remarks here and there. He can be a funny guy, and he can deliver. But for some reason they won't let him be who he is.

This isn't a Republican issue, either. Bob Dole is one of the funniest politicians of all time, but you wouldn't have known that in '96 when he ran the most boring campaign imaginable.

Same thing in 2000. Gore can be pretty funny. He's not as funny as Dole, but he's got good timing. But when did we see that wit, that flair? Not once, until it was all over.

You know, Perot was certifiably crazy, but I think the reason he got 19% of the vote in '92 was that people were starving for someone who actually felt real. Would that others would follow that. (The personality, not the bug-nuts crazy.)

Obama hasn't really cut loose, either, so it was nice to see him do so as well. As you said, both candidates were very funny. I wish they would have done two hours of this kind of thing rather than the boring-ass debates!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I agree-candidates today are over-managed, over-polled, over-test grouped that it's refreshing to see them being relaxed and funny and very nice to the other guy (or gal).