Friday, October 17, 2008

Sporty 'Stache

I lurve me a mustachooed man, it's a kitsch thing I know. Imagine my delight at finding the top 9 mustashed men in sports today. Soooo disappointing. How could they miss Mark Spitz?

So I am obligated (it is a moral imperative!) to give a list of some great mustaches in political and art history.

1. Vicente Fox. Ahh, the man who started the obsession. Check out the fab belt buckle too.
2. Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Mi amore Gabo!
3. Kurt Vonnegut. I seriously think his 'stache held 90% of his genius.
4. Pancho Villa. That slight upturn at the ends is an indication of spontaniety, I've read.
5. Friedrich Nietzsche. When he's not running for president, he's maintaining his full 'stache.
6. Mohandas Gandhi. From peace comes wisdom. From 'stache comes greatness.
7. Dali. A post-modern, surrealistic interpretation of the 'stache. The critic approves!

:) LJS


Hyperion said...

Great List, but how could you write this without linking to my Rankings of Best Movie and Best TV Mustaches????

For shame.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Political and art history Hypey.

Why can't I think for myself dammit!?