Monday, February 18, 2008

Twenty things

I was reading an article today about 20 Things I wish I had known when starting out in life. And it got me thinking if these 20 things would be the same or different had the young "me" listened to the older "me".

For example: If old me had told young me that one day not only would I hate TV but I would aspire to run a marathon and love running, young me would have said "yeah, OK. I can barely run a block because my lungs suck (thanks mom and dad for smoking)" then proceeded to watch another episode or ER or X-files.

Is wisdom dependent upon experience? Would you change your life, even though you knew that everything up to that point has brought you to your wizened perch?

I wonder if having experiences and being open to whatever life gives us is wisdom. The Secret or anyone of those "put it out in the universe" philosophies seem (at least to me) hedge on cosmic, random magnanimity rather than personal responsibility and fortitude.

And, for #21: stop eating tortured bovine.

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