Monday, December 01, 2008

At least you haven't done this today

I was going to space these out over a bunch of days, but what the hell. Most are short, and I have a feeling you could use the laugh on this Blue Monday. (All videos were found on the Fail Blog, when I was too injured to do much of anything.)

to help, I have a handy guide about each video

1. It will only take you a few seconds of this one to see how wrong it is.
2. Now that's what I call committed to the bit!
3. It's getting so a pimp can't even smack his ho anymore. (Whole world's going to hell)
4. This would be guaranteed to happen (or worse) if you invited me to your wedding. (Note: women who view weddings as special should skip this, so as to not be horrified. The rest of you laugh your asses off.)
5. [Withdrawn so I wouldn't have to listen to Lady Jane Scarlett complain all day]
6. Sakes!
7. Some people shouldn't be parents. (Don't watch if you have issues with small children getting struck like a pinata)
8. Mascot Bloopers!
9. This is why I don't watch Wheel of Fortune
10. The old woman in this video is Tracy Lynn. Trust me.
11. Never a good idea to startle a large man.
12. It's pretty amazing he got elected with these upbringings.....
13. Music Video of people generally failing. Only for the most crass of you. (I watched it three times.)

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