Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Leverage - Tonight on TNT!

If you like heist movies, you may want to check out Leverage tonight. It premiered (commercial free!) on Sunday, with its regular night tonight. (The pilot episode encores at 9, followed by the new episode at 10.)

Basically the idea is that Nathan Ford is a famous insurance investigator, well versed in chasing thieves. At least he was, before he turned against insurance companies for poignant reasons. He gets hired to lead a team of thieves to steal something back for a guy who had his airplane plans stolen.

But things might not be what they seem.....

The cast is appealing, but this basically comes down to whether you like heist films. If so, you'll like the twist of bad guys doing thievery for good reasons. I'm not saying the first episode was bang-on awesome, but might be worth a look.

(I will have an extended review tomorrow on TV Warrior, the Light willing.)

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