Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Gifts for Gals

Yesterday I posted some gifts for guys; today I have some for you lovely ladies.

From the world of coiture, Wal-Mart has a Bubble Coat for only $12. This is perhaps the most amazing deal I've ever seen. It's labled as "juniors," but according to the reviews that's inccorect; the coats are quite large and roomy. I love this purple, but there is also black. Don't thank me now.

Continuing our Fashion Phalanx, Macy's is offering Cashmere Sweaters (normall 110-130 dollars), for $60. I have never owned a cashmere anything, but chicks like this, right? The above link is V-neck, but there is also shawl-collar, turtle neck and boat neck, for those so inclined. (I had some trouble with the specific links; if you do too, use the first link and just click on women, then sweaters, then scroll down.)

Shifting gears slightly, we have the Snuggie. Basically it's a blanket with sleeves, since chicks always seem to be cold. I refuse to write anything else about this. Watch the damn video, you big babies.

Speaking of babies......

So, I was talking to someone last night, and somehow the subject of babydoll lingerie came up. (And what do you talk to you grandma about?) I got led to this "plus size" website called HipsAndCurves.com. First of all, I continue my outrage at Big Fashion. What the F**k, people?

There's nothing wrong with a big girl; I myself could flatten a house. But these girls are not what I would call plus anything. They're normal-sized. I cannot imagine that straight men make these decisions, since straight men tend to like regular-sized women. You know, with hips and curves. Therefore, I lay the blame at the feet of Straight Women and Gaydom.

Clean up your act, Fashionistas! Quit trying to relabel the queens! (There are some great babydolls here, by the way, for perfectly normal girls. If you happen to buy one, the least you could do is send me a picture of you in said garment.

Up next: cool gadgetry for men, women, boys or girls. (But not haters who decide on fashion.)

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