Friday, December 12, 2008

the Gifts just keep on coming

I have some more great gifts, for girls, guys, and even kids!

Eddie Bauer Smart Mug - This thing plugs into your cigarette lighter in your car to keep your coffee/cocoa/blood warmer longer!

Internet Radio Jukebox - You plug this into your computer's USB port, and it allows you to select from 13,000 radio stations all over the world. No software needed, no monthly cost, and you can save your favorites right to the Jukebox so that you can take it with you! ($25)

The Shred Sled - It's a skateboard, but the two halves are separate, joined at the middle. the practical effect of this is to allow much more autonomous movement in each section. The website claims you don't have to push off and you can even go uphill. Not sure how that works, but the videos seem pretty cool. The idea is that it feels more like a snowboard than a skateboard. ($100)

i-Spin Portable DJ Mixer - Let's get this party stared, right?! For all you would-be House DJs who are also snobby enough to have IPods, the perfect gift for you to retain your mad flavor without giving up your merlot. Instead of sticking records on a turntable, old scool, you stick in IPods and use the music to scratch out sounds. It doesn't injure the music like a record player might, and they even have mini turn-tables for manipulation. You'll be the hit of the country club! (Sorry for the bitterness. I consider anyone with an IPod to be an insufferable Park Avenue snob, but this thing is kinda cool.)

and our best in show......

VADO Pocket Video Cam - Now THIS is a cool gift. It's a camcorder the size of a cellphone. You can take up to two hours of video and then download it directly to your computer via the USB port. No fuss, no muss. Great for capturing those "moments" that come up quickly. Birthday greetings to Grandma, clips to your website (or even Monkey Barn, hint hint). Comes in pink and silver. I would use this. In fact, I think I'll put it on my Amazon Wish List right now.

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